Helping fashion brands boost creative processes with Generative AI


Are you a fashion brand considering utilising Generative AI to shorten your merchandising and design cycles and improve decision-making to boost profits?

🌟Generative AI enables exciting creative process use cases that can be implemented quickly, streamline processes by eliminating low-value tasks, have high user adoption rates, and deliver significant advantages.

 ⚠ It is crucial to consider security, legal, and usability concerns.

 🔒 Security

✅ The Generative AI solution contains your Intellectual Property and must be protected with robust security.

✅ Ensure only verified users on authorised networks can access your data.

 ⚖️ Legal

✅ Manage the learning models and ensure legal approval of data license terms before use.

✅ Enable usage auditing to ensure no legal risks are introduced to the company.

🚀Easy to Use

✅ Simple and intuitive UI that promotes creativity and allows creative users to explore new ideas and variations.

✅ Makes it easy for your design team to ‘coach’ the learning models to understand and apply the brand’s design language.

✅ Include models of licensed trends data, internal inspiration, and palettes with your brand’s design ‘DNA’.

✅ Enables your merchandising team to generate design briefings in record time and collaborate with design in real-time for more effective decision-making.

✅ Define your models and celebrity or athlete partnerships, including preferred poses and locations.

✅ Designed for specific fashion use cases and business processes that require simple inputs for superb output - NOT a generic tool that requires complex iterative requests for ‘acceptable’ results.

  • 📣Print and Pattern design
  • 📣Graphics design for specific garments
  • 📣Design concepts and variations
  • 📣Design Inspiration
  • 📣Line drawing to photo-realistic renderings
  • 📣Simple, rapid exploration of variations and evolutions.

🔎 Predictable

✅ Besides controlling security and legal aspects, the solution must offer transparent pricing without user or credit limitations.

✅ Management should be simple, and scaling should be rapid when required.


Whether your business process is driven by merchandising or design, choosing the right Generative AI tool can help eliminate low-value tasks and process steps, increase productivity, and enable quicker and more effective decision-making to reap the benefits of improved speed-to-market.

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If you are exploring ways to streamline your creative processes and improve productivity and profitability through Generative AI, contact me to discuss further.

 Chris Jones

For over three decades, Chris has helped global brands, retailers, and manufacturers align people, processes, and technology, driving transformation projects to maximise business impact.